Welcome to the Kelvis Korner. My name is Kelvis Del Rio and this is my website. This page explains the different areas of my site. It also shows you how to navigate Cup of Teathrough my site. If you have been here before, click on the section of the site you want to visit in the navigation bar.

Any time you want to return to this page select the MAIN link from the navigation bar. This action will return you to this page. The rest of this page explains, in detail, the different sections of the site.


This Page will be updated monthly. It is an eclectic mix of things that I like to do. There will be lists of my favorite artists, favorite movies, etc. I will review my favorite music and discuss the different hobbies that I have. Since music is my passion, this section will be slanted more in that direction.


Drama Masks The Story of Me simply put, tells my story from the time I was born to the present. The page tells the story by creatively combining graphical images and text to display a succinct history of my life. The graphics in this section are not too big, so loading times should not be so bad.


Action! This page has galleries of friends and places I've been. I have tried my best to keep the pictures as small as possible without sacrificing quality. This is a hard battle to win so this is the section of the site that takes the longest to load. Hopefully it will be worth it. Of course if you have a fast connection, what do you care!


My journal is an electronic form of a pen and paper journal. I will write down my thoughts of what's going on in my world at the time. I will try to write at least twice a month in my journal. In the past I've always been lazy and have not kept up with my journal, but I will try to put more effort into it since I would like to read my journal in the future and see how I reacted to certain aspects of my life. The technology that I use for the journal is called a blog which is short for weblog. Blogs have become very popular lately and they allow writers to display their journals nicely. The blog software that I have gone with is Google's Blogger tool. The best part is that it is free!